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Johnny Castle is grooming his stepson to become CEO of his company one day. The first lesstepson is dont just have one assistant, have three, and if possible make sure they are all different ethnicities. Adrian Hush, Sarah Banks and Sami Parker are all standing in the corner, waiting for his command. The second rule seems to be, make sure that the assistants are willing to assist with more than just paperwork. And if they happen to be interns, even better because they are more likely to do as they are told. Mr. Castle fucks the hell out of all three of them, filling their holes atop a filing cabinet. He makes the girls tease his stepson by flicking their panties at him. Before they were interns maybe they were cheerleaders because they sure know how to build a human pyramid. He really shows his stepson how to take care of business when he finishes and cums in the girls mouths. They are on the hands and knees, worshipping his cock and sharing his load. His stepson might become CEO one day but for now, it feels good to be the king of this castle.

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